Extending The Life Of Carpet
...And Carpet Cleaners

The Green Glides Difference

Made in the USA!
Lasts two to three times longer than the imported knock offs.
Premium US sourced PTFE.
No glue or silicone needed due to our precision fit.
Legendary friendly over the top customer service.

The Back Saver

GreenGlides help your carpet cleaning tools glide across the surface of what you're cleaning with ease, helping to lessen the stress on your back and other joints.

Cleaners Love Them

Many carpet cleaners around the world have been using Greenglides for many years to help increase their personal longevity in the industry. GreenGlides can help cleaners of all ages!

We Ship Globally

We ship GreenGlides across the globe including: United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, and the UK.

Find A Distributor

Go to our Find A Distributor page and find a carpet cleaning supplier closest to you to purchase your Greenglide. Search by zipcode or use the map.

real reviews from real cleaners

The Chosen W’and, with the power of the Triune head, delivers heavenly results! (Westpak 530)

5 out of 5

Simply outstanding wand and glide!

Szymon Neumann

The Chosen W’and, with the power of the Triune head, delivers heavenly results! (Westpak 530)

5 out of 5

I love my new 2 jet wand and green glide mike sent me. Give him a call he will hook you up with this great tool👍

Travis McAdams

Sharpshooter/Trident 13″ Glide

5 out of 5

Picked up the hybrid glide and love it. Thanks!


Prochem Titanium Glide (Undersized Fit)- PCTI

5 out of 5

Nice quality, perfect fabrication, heavier, I love it, techs love it, great glide! Plus, Merica baby!

Rick Wilson

HydraMaster Evolution 12/13″ Wand Glide-EVO13

5 out of 5

Great glide, Great price, Quick shipping.

Mike Thalman

Prochem Titanium Glide (Standard Fit)-PCTI

5 out of 5

One of the best tools ever created for carpet cleaning. I won't clean without one on my wand

Chris Hagen

Devastator 12″ Wand Glide

5 out of 5

Green glides makes the best glides on the market!

Scott Turknett

HydraMaster Evolution 12/13″ Wand Glide-EVO13

5 out of 5

Absolute game changer!!! Makes cleaning so much easier and the brush glide is truly brilliant


Sapphire Scientific 12″ Titanium Wand Glide-SS12TI

5 out of 5

Great product. Great Service.

My Pro Cleaner

Prochem Titanium Glide (Standard Fit)-PCTI

5 out of 5

Great Glides

Sam Bertucci

Westpak 14″ Low Profile Wand, 4 Jet Glide – New Style Internal Fit, SKU-WP14-i

5 out of 5

Great glide, have been using the hybrid on our 14" Westpak wand for a few years. It's getting worn so ordering 2 more.

Jim Morrison

Carpet Cleaning Wand glides

GreenGlides makes carpet cleaning glides for all of the popular cleaning wands carpet cleaners use today. Traditional GreenGlides are offered in 3 different styles: Hole, Slotted, and Hybrid.

Hoses, Parts & Gadgets

From soft-touch valves and rebuild kits to hoses and jets. We have all of the little gadgets and gizmos to get the most performance out of your wands and carpet cleaning tools. 

Trinity Op Systems

We offer products and machines from Trinity Op Systems such as the Grumpy, Phoenix, and Odyssey. You can purchase these machines in 4 standard colors or choose a custom color for an additional charge. 

Out Of The Office

I’m out of the office from 3/20 – 3/27. I’ll be able to return calls or texts late each day if you choose to leave a message. Orders made during those dates will be sent out 3/28.

Thank you for your patience!