12" Old Style Westpak Low Profile 4 Jet - WP4 (private labeled Sapphire)



This Glide fits all 12″ low profile 4 jet Westpak (and Sapphire private labeled versions) wands, both steel and titanium made before mid 2015. The difference being that the lips are much thicker on these older wands, see photos

Measure the metal lips before ordering this Glide to determine if you need the older “external” fit or the newer “internal fit” option,

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2 reviews for 12″ Old Style Westpak Low Profile 4 Jet – WP4 (private labeled Sapphire)

  1. Ron Marriott

    I have this westpak wand. I bought it because I needed a 2 inch wand bit it was terrible to use. Wanted to lock down on the carpet and chattered badly on some commercial. I was at a Mikey’s fest in Phoenix and was introduced to greenglides. They seemed expensive at the time but I ended up winning 2 glides. One of those was for my westpak and it turned it from a pos to a very useful wand. Still one of my favorites today. Glides easily and the carpets dry much faster. So much easier on my back and shoulders. I wish I had greenglides years ago.

  2. jimmartin7

    I have tried many different glides in the past. Bristor’s glide, which is made by a very poor quality material that just wore out and cracked in a very short time.. Banana glides from mytee that would not fit the wand properly, kept falling off and always had to glue on… Once I started using green glides I never had another issue ever again…. They are a perfect fit to my wand, and the longevity is the best in the industry…. Because of how well they fit the recovery and dry times are the best of any glide out there. There is not a better glide out there on the market that even comes close to what green glides can do… Worth every penny

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