14″ Sapphire Scientific Titanium Low Profile Wand With Genuine GreenGlide



Sapphire Scientific Titanium Low Profile 14″ Wand
The OEM metal lips will need to be removed to install this Glide, use a large flat head screw driver and a hammer to “push” the lips up and off.
Enjoy the versatility of easy peasy Glide changing with NO tools, NO heat and No Fuss required!

* Due to inconsistent welding practices 85% of our Glides will fit PERFECT! 15% will be either a bit loos or a bit tight. You can gently pry open the wand opening or slightly trim the Glide if the fit is too tight, if it’s too loose try slightly pinching the opening in a bench vise about one inch from both ends, use a towel to keep the vise from scratching the titanium



Watch this video to see how to remove the metal lips off your SSTI wand



Please note that the wand will be drop shipped directly from the manufacturer, and the GreenGlide will be shipped separately. 


Slot Glides- The best choice for dirtier carpet that has debris in or on it and for cleaners who prefer some resistance or grab at the carpet to wand interface. Also, our Slots have recessed bridges so there are no lines left in the carpet when the glide is new. As the face of the Glide wears down the bridges can be recessed again with a knife, razor or Dremel tool.  FYI, 80% of our Glide sales are Slots.

Hole Glides- The easiest to push and the best, cleaners with back pain, elbow, wrist, and shoulder issues and for those wanting the quickest dry times. Holes are also great for cleaning area rugs on location as the rug won’t lift up as you clean the edges and corners.  Holes are the best choice for wool carpet and rugs. Dry soil removal prior to wet extraction is a must in most cases. The best choice for portable extractors too!

Hybrid Glides- Fits in between the two above, easier (some say much easier) to push than a Slot but dries slower than a Hole. Wands with large vacuum chambers such as Evolutions, SharpShooters, AW29s and the PMF “Machs” perform noticeably better with a Hybrid. Some debris can be extracted through the slot portion of the vacuum pattern, unlike our Hole pattern, but dry extraction is still recommended. This style leaves lines on some pile types and may need to be groomed after cleaning.


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