Brush TM4/15″, STANDARD, Blue -2 pc set



Standard/Blue is what comes stock with new machines. Can be used all synthetic carpet types and all hard surfaces.

Not the best choice for scrubbing wood grain as the bristles are a bit too thick to dig in deep, especially on faux wood LVP.

NOT SAFE for wool or other natural fibers.

Set of two w/ shipping included to lower 48
Call for price quote for package deals and international shipping.


Carpet Varieties & Brush Recommendations

Level loop carpet

Level Loop

Recommended brush: Standard/Stiff

Level loop carpet


Recommended brush: Soft

Cut loop carpet


Recommended brush: Standard

Cut pile carpet

Cut Pile

Recommended brush: Standard/Stiff

Saxony pile


Recommended brush: Soft

Neddle felt pile

Neddle Felt

Recommended brush: Standard/Stiff


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