CMP AW29 12" Wand Glide-AW29



4 reviews for CMP AW29 12″ Wand Glide-AW29

  1. Doug Heiferman

    Excellent products. Very professional. Customer service is excellent. Highly suggest. Doug Heiferman Industry Consultant 29 years.

  2. matt

    It’s very nice to be able to pop that glide on and NOT need any gooey silicone to make it air tight. This product is very well made

  3. Ron Marriott

    I use a couple of aw29 low profile wands mainly in condos and townhouses where space is limited. I like them because they are shorter than my large, high performance wands. AW29’s get a bad rap as they are often sold with portables and cheap truck mounts. Considered to be an entry level wand. When you put a greenglide on it, that changes everything. Makes your extraction more efficient and so much more comfortable to use. You have to use it to believe it. Even with a portable, it will give you better drying times.

  4. Ron Marriott

    I have already left a review but just want to update. Mikey was good enough to send me a couple of glides including a hybrid glide. I have always preferred slot glides as I felt they removed more water. Not the case. The hybrid leaves the carpet drier than the slot glide. Easier to push, especially with a powerful truck mount. No locking down. I will be looking for hybrid glides for my other wands.

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