CMP AW29 12" Wand Glide-AW29


There are two “AW29” wand fit option –  The standard version measures less than 16mm when measuring the wand lip gap from the outside.
The new Wide Fit option features a 17mm or larger gap when measuring the wand lip gap from the outside.

See product photos for descriptions.


Due to countless imported versions of this 12 inch, two jet, S bend classic wand we are now offering two front to back width options to provide a fit that does not stress the glide and seals well along the bottom edge.

You can use a slide rule, a metric measuring tape or ruler, digital calipers or a simple stack of US quarters to determine what fit you need.

Keep in mind all of these wands are made by hand and they will all vary by a millimeter or three.

A US Quarter is 1/16th thick, so if your outside lip to outside lip measurement is 9 quarters thick go with the Standard Fit, if it’s ten quarters or larger buy the Wide Fit.




And just to make it more confusing, the Westpak  “762” look nearly identical to the AW29 but has a different lip design and comes with a WP branded /trigger valve.





Check out this video showing how well our AW Glide with our Extender Benders works..

Slot Glides- The best choice for dirtier carpet that has debris in or on it and for cleaners who prefer some resistance or grab at the carpet to wand interface. Also, our Slots have recessed bridges so there are no lines left in the carpet when the glide is new. As the face of the Glide wears down the bridges can be recessed again with a knife, razor or Dremel tool.  FYI, 80% of our Glide sales are Slots.

Hole Glides- The easiest to push and the best, cleaners with back pain, elbow, wrist, and shoulder issues and for those wanting the quickest dry times. Holes are also great for cleaning area rugs on location as the rug won’t lift up as you clean the edges and corners.  Holes are the best choice for wool carpet and rugs. Dry soil removal prior to wet extraction is a must in most cases. The best choice for portable extractors too!

Hybrid Glides- Fits in between the two above, easier (some say much easier) to push than a Slot but dries slower than a Hole. Wands with large vacuum chambers such as Evolutions, SharpShooters, AW29s and the PMF “Machs” perform noticeably better with a Hybrid. Some debris can be extracted through the slot portion of the vacuum pattern, unlike our Hole pattern, but dry extraction is still recommended. This style leaves lines on some pile types and may need to be groomed after cleaning.

5 reviews for CMP AW29 12″ Wand Glide-AW29

  1. Doug Heiferman

    Excellent products. Very professional. Customer service is excellent. Highly suggest. Doug Heiferman Industry Consultant 29 years.

  2. matt

    It’s very nice to be able to pop that glide on and NOT need any gooey silicone to make it air tight. This product is very well made

  3. Ron Marriott

    I use a couple of aw29 low profile wands mainly in condos and townhouses where space is limited. I like them because they are shorter than my large, high performance wands. AW29’s get a bad rap as they are often sold with portables and cheap truck mounts. Considered to be an entry level wand. When you put a greenglide on it, that changes everything. Makes your extraction more efficient and so much more comfortable to use. You have to use it to believe it. Even with a portable, it will give you better drying times.

  4. Ron Marriott

    I have already left a review but just want to update. Mikey was good enough to send me a couple of glides including a hybrid glide. I have always preferred slot glides as I felt they removed more water. Not the case. The hybrid leaves the carpet drier than the slot glide. Easier to push, especially with a powerful truck mount. No locking down. I will be looking for hybrid glides for my other wands.

  5. Marsha Reynolds

    The Verdict is in !!
    I was not sure if my new GREEN GLIDE was responsible for my faster production time but yes I can say yes it is true !!
    I did my 5 hour monthly account ( have had it over 10 years ) two months in a row because I did not think a new GREEN GLIDE could cut my production time by 45 minutes… but it did!! Not only cut my production time but with the precision air intake it seems to be recovering more fine particulate or deeper down extraction which is making each cleaning easier.
    I do normal vacuuming, prespray and grandy groomer in traffic lanes.. Prochoice products and rinse and extra vacuum passes to help drying process.
    I am an owner operator of my own carpet cleaning business for over 30 years.
    You can teach an old dog new tricks !

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Extender Benders

We highly recommend you buy these for your AW29 or westpak WP12-2N for better flushing