Devastator 12" Wand Glide



  • Easier to push and pull than the OEM glides
  • Easier to install and remove
  • Does not lock down on carpet
  • Less to no “bridge marks”
  • Hybrid option
  • Set screw equipped
  • Hard Surface Brush Glide option!

3 reviews for Devastator 12″ Wand Glide

  1. Scott Turknett

    Green glides makes the best glides on the market!

  2. Bryan Thomson

    I have been in the hard surface cleaning and manufacturing business for over 16 yrs and appreciate well made tools that not only work but more importantly make cleaning easier and faster.

    I was truly amazed at how well the water pickup /extraction was from the brush glide. In fact when I first saw it I thought there’s no way this will extract as well as a Raptor or Gecko.
    Man was I wrong, not only did it extract better but it allowed a carpet wand to clean like a hard surface wand!
    Not only does it save you money it saves you that all important valuable space in the van.
    To be able to turn a carpet wand into a hard surface wand is genius!

  3. Bruce Parsons

    We think the Greenglides for our 14 and 12 inch wands are the best in the business. The guys won’t use anything but them. You just can’t out beat the original!

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