Devastator 14" Wand Glide



  • Easier to push and pull than the OEM glides
  • Easier to install and remove
  • Does not lock down on carpet
  • Less to no “bridge marks”
  • Hybrid option
  • Set screw equipped
  • Hard Surface Brush Glide option!

2 reviews for Devastator 14″ Wand Glide

  1. Paul Barnett (verified owner)

    I purchased one of these glides for a devastator wand and tried it out on a compressed rubber, indoor walking track. the results are phenomenal, and I like the fact that we are not wearing out the Teflon glide because the brushes act as a buffer. We scored a $20K job as a result of the test cleaning. I ordered another one today for my other Devastator.

  2. Paul Barnett (verified owner)

    I ordered one of these to try out on a walking track made of compressed rubber material. My customer loves the results and awarded us a $20K job because of this test cleaning. It worked great and I like the fact that the brushes act as a buffer between the wand and the surface. The brushes are preventing premature wear on the teflon portion of the glide. I ordered another glide today for my other D-wand. Thank you Mike P. for taking care of us.

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