Extender Benders for standard Two Jet Wands (AW29 & 802)



Our GreenGlides exclusive Extend Benders provide a shear angle to the spray pattern on “AW-29″, all 28 of it’s knock offs, Westpack 10” Stair Wands, the PMF 802 and the Westpak 762 (WP12-2N)

By adjusting the spray to hit right behind the Glide you will get better flushing action and better dry times! (much better in both regards)

Most experienced cleaners agree that the maximum amount of water pressure that should be used with the stock jet set up on these wands is 300 PSI, with our Extender Benders installed you can now clean at 500 psi without fear of over wetting that carpet.

Virtually every other wand design for our industry has a sheer angle to the spray pattern for this very reason, now these wands can have the same performance as well.

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If your jets are over a year old it’s time to replace, you could be using two to four times the water your system is designed for…


Install instructions:

-Remove TeeJet and it’s cap/holder

-Remove the threaded brass or steel spacer from the threaded pods that are welded to the wand’s “ceiling”

-Apply a small amount of medium strength Blue Locktite to the threads ( do not use teflon tape) and spin the Extender Benders into the pods 3 full turns, (4 times on 10″ stair wands using a 9502 jet) being sure that they are pointed squarely in the correct position, look for the engraved indicator to count the turns and set both pieces in the same position.

-You can reuse the stock OEM jets (11002) or up your flow with new 11003 jets for an even better flush if you use a 48 or larger blower truckmount.
If your stock jets are over a year old, now would be a good tie to replace them.

Note that these (inexpensive) wands are made by hand and are not very precision made. Your jets may not line up perfectly but the enhanced effects of adding the EB’s will still be felt and enjoyed.

There is a chance that the Extenders may hit the back wall of the wand as you screw them in, and in at least one case so far, the spray hit the back of the Glide by about 10%, which is not an issue.

1 review for Extender Benders for standard Two Jet Wands (AW29 & 802)

  1. Matt wood

    I wanted to use these for my 2 jet stair tool and I’m so happy I did that. Night and day difference with how much better it cleans the stairs. No overspray on the risers. 5stars. Thanks Mike

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