PMF 10″ Stair Glide 1530 version (w/ wings & no swivel)



Fits the newer PMF stair wand in either the 40″ straight tube or S bend version.

No Hole style option

Please note that this wand is constructed by sheet metal and welded together by humans. There are slight to moderate differences from wand to wand so Glide fit can vary.GreenGlides does our best and 80% of the time the Glide will fit snugly and perfectly. Ten percent of the time it may be a bit loose and the other ten percent, a bit tight.
If the Glide is loose you can gentley squeeze the opening in a bench vice to narrow the opening or use Shoe Goop type silicone to secure the Glide.

If the Glide is too tight to install, use a box knife to very carefully trim the Glide material where it is getting hung up.Trim a tiny bit at a time. You may also be able to pry the wand opening with a pry bar.
We apologize for the headache but these things are out of our control
Feel free to call Mike @ 775 552 5429 for advice if you’re unsure on how to proceed.



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