PMF 1540SV swivel head stair wand,, 30" long 10" head



Comes with your choice of GreenGlide and FREE L48 shipping

Ergonomics, Ergonomics!!!… you hear that term so much these days. When cleaning carpeted stairs, ergonomics are very important. There is the flat step and then the riser that both need cleaning. In the past you needed to be a contortionist to clean stairs… but not anymore!! This innovative stair tool allows you to clean stairs without turning and twisting your arms and wrists… the tool does the twisting and turning for you!!!

  • Comes standard with 1,000psi, V1-EZ forged brass valve
  • Padded assist handle
  • Head swivels easily and stays in rotated position
  • 1 jet brass Vee jet
  • Perfect height for cleaning stairs

The lowest price on a Green Glide/Wand combo!




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