PMF Mach 12 Glide-PMFTI12



Internal Fit, OEM metal lips must be removed to install these Glides.
Use a flat head screw driver and a hammer to gently tap the lips off.

GreenGlides also sell this wand, please click here

Photos below show the two piece OEM screwed on glide, which we can order for you if you prefer the wider opening/bridgeless option for $145 shipped to the lower 48. Call to order.

1 review for PMF Mach 12 Glide-PMFTI12

  1. Derrick Trulson (verified owner)

    Replace your default glide with this. I purchased a hybrid glide for the PMF mach 12 glide, and there is significant difference in moisture left behind in carpet. Its dryer with green glide. You wont regret making this change.

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