PMF Mach 15 Glide-PMFTI


Hole Glide – PMFTIC-H

Slot Glide – PMFTIC-S


Internal Fit, OEM metal lips must be removed to install these Glides.
Use a flat head screw driver and a hammer to gently tap the lips off.




First year production runs of the Mach 15 offered various roller assemblies to make wanding easier. These first year models are identified by two holes drilled (and sometimes plugged) into the side spray guards. These early models have a wider vacuum opening so you’ll need to use JUST THE REAR LIP to keep our Glide from falling out. See examples below.
If your wand has the original OEM 2 piece lip design you can grind off the well nuts for the 4 screws or order a new rear lip from us. Add it to your Glide purchase by selection the option in the drop down.



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