Prochem 3 Jet Wand Glide – PC3S Slot Glide Only



Due to the design of these wands, with no external lips and a variable
internal slot, the glide must be affixed to the wand with a good quality
adhesive / sealant. We recommend and use GOOP Brand Household
Adhesive and Sealant.
• Clean wand head well and lightly scuff with ultra fine sand paper on
the outer slot area at least 1-½” up, front and back.
• Place the glide on the lips of the wand and press on until the wand lips
are fully seated in the bottom of the glide channel and the glide is
centered on the wand.
• Clamp or tape the glide firmly in position on the wand. Make sure you
still allow yourself access to the areas to be sealed!
• Run a bead of GOOP along the front and back edges of the glide. Do
not GOOP the ends of the glide.
• Place the wand in the cleaning position and allow the sealant to cure
for at least eight hours, preferably 24 hours.
• After the GOOP is fully cured, check for any areas that might need a
reapplication. Apply more GOOP as needed and allow to cure.
• Use wand as normal.
• Inspect the integrity of the adhesive frequently and remove and
reapply the GOOP as needed.
• Use the provided cleaning tool to ream out the holes in your glides,
this keeps them round and free of debris, thereby maximizing the
performance of your glides.
• QUESTIONS or CONCERNS with the installation or use of your
glide? Call the GreenGlides helpline at 1 775-552-5429



Slot Glides– The best choice for dirtier carpet that has debris in or on it and for cleaners who prefer some resistance or grab at the carpet to wand interface. Also, our Slots have recessed bridges so there are no lines left in the carpet when the glide is new. As the face of the Glide wears down the bridges can be recessed again with a knife, razor or Dremel tool.  FYI, 80% of our Glide sales are Slots.

Hole Glides- The easiest to push and the best choice for cleaners with back pain, elbow, wrist, and shoulder issues and for those wanting the quickest dry times. Holes are also great for cleaning area rugs on location as the rug won’t lift up as you clean the edges and corners.  Optimum for wool carpet and rugs. Dry soil removal prior to wet extraction is a must in most cases. The best choice for portable extractors too!

Hybrid Glides- Fits in between the two above, easier (some say much easier) to push than a Slot but dries slower than a Hole. Wands with large vacuum chambers such as Evolutions, SharpShooters, AW29s and the PMF Mach 12 &15 perform noticeably better with a Hybrid. Some debris can be extracted through the slot portion of the vacuum pattern, unlike our Hole pattern, but dry extraction is still recommended. This style leaves lines on some pile types and may need to be groomed after cleaning


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