Prochem/Butler 4″ Upholstery Tool-PC4UT1R



• Place the stem of the glide onto the slot of the upholstery tool and
press in until the glide is fully seated on the tool slot.
• If the glide fails to fully seat, the cause is usually a casting variance.
Simply determine the area which is hanging up, and trim the Teflon
with a razor knife.
• Occasionally, the slot will be too tight to accept the glide stem. This
was due to a different mold used by Prochem for these tools at one
point. They are quite rare, but if you happen to have one please
contact us, and we will send you the proper size to fit your tool free of
• For the maximum performance with your Prochem upholstery tool,
you can drill 4-5 small holes (5/32”) in the back (jet side) of the tool,
just above the glide. This modification makes this tool perform much
better with or without a glide. See photo.
• Use the provided cleaning tool to ream out the holes in your glides
this keeps them round and free of debris, thereby maximizing the
performance of your glides.
• QUESTIONS or CONCERNS with the installation or use of your
Prochem upholstery tool glide? Call the GreenGlides helpline @ 775 552 5429


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