Prochem Titanium Glide (Undersized Fit)- PCTI


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The wand that started GreenGlides and still one of our best sellers!
Recently re-engineered to fit better and is easier to install and remove.
DO NOT FORCE FIT OR INSTALL THIS GLIDE WITHOUT WARMING IT UP IN BOILING WATER OR WITH A HEAT GUN. Go to the “resource” section on this site for installation instructions!

Note: There was a production run of these wands that came out about a millimeter narrower front to back (outside lip to out side lip). Most “Ti” owners know which version they have by now, but if you’re buying a GreenGlide for the first time, please measure (see photo below) to determine which version you own.
The Hard Surface Glide fits both versions.

Includes a set screw to prevent side to side movement if you cut a notch in the spray shield/wing



1 review for Prochem Titanium Glide (Undersized Fit)- PCTI

  1. Rick Wilson (verified owner)

    Nice quality, perfect fabrication, heavier, I love it, techs love it, great glide! Plus, Merica baby!

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