Rotovac 360 and 360i, Slot Version – Glide(s)-RV360S



Remove the stainless cleaning heads/cups. Clean thoroughly and inspect
the jets . Clean or replace jets as needed. Inspect felt ring seals and replace
and/or clean as needed.
• Remove front wheel or raise it as high as possible off the carpet.
• Adjust rear wheels to the lowest point possible on the frame. If the rear
wheels are very worn or they wobble, we highly suggest purchasing new
wheels and/or bushings from Rotovac.
• This is a good time to thoroughly inspect your machine, tightening any
loose screws and nuts, checking for clogs and obstructions, inspecting the
motor brushes and oil and performing any maintenance needed. File the
vacuum slots on the cleaning heads if they have become distorted, have
any metal burrs or are dented.
• Align the slot inserts on the glide with the slots of the cleaning heads and
press in, starting at one side of the outer ring, seat the glide to the face of
the cleaning head. Do not use a hammer or mallet to seat the glides, as
these could cause cracks or damage.
• Lay cleaning head on floor, glide down, and push down on the cleaning
heads to ensure they are fully and evenly seated.
• Reinstall cleaning heads on machine. Cups should touch each other, but
still spin without bogging the motors at all.
• QUESTIONS or CONCERNS with the installation or use of your ROTOVAC
glides? Call 775 552 5429

1 review for Rotovac 360 and 360i, Slot Version – Glide(s)-RV360S

  1. Ron Russell

    I took off the glides that came with my 360i and replaced with the Green Glides and the carpets come out a lot dryer.

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