RX-20 – Glide(s)-RX202



Install instructions:
Trim any gasket that may be protruding into the vacuum slot of each
• Press the stem of the glides into the vacuum slots of the skids, or if
you have one, use a rubber mallet. They should fit very firmly and seat
• If a glide is not seating well, the cause is usually an irregular weld on
the skid. Trim the Teflon to allow the glide to seat fully onto the skid.
• Run the machine as usual.
• The glides may be removed by GENTLY prying up from one end with
a flat head screwdriver.
• At least once a month, or as uneven wear is noticed, remove glides and
reinstall facing the opposite direction. Wear tends to be greatest on the
outside edges of the skids, flipping them around will greatly extend
the life of your RX20 glides. Also, if most of your work is on thin,
apartment grade carpets, occasionally run the glides on a thin
gluedown commercial. This will burnish and smooth the scratches that
tack strip causes.
• Use the provided cleaning tool to ream out the holes in your glides.
This keeps them round and free of debris, thereby maximizing the
performance of your glides.
• QUESTIONS or CONCERNS with the installation or use of your
RX20 or PowerGlide glides? Call the GreenGlides helpline @ 775 552 5429



3 reviews for RX-20 – Glide(s)-RX202

  1. Ed

    With these, you leave the carpet noticeably drier than w/o them. You can return your RX-20 to the full flow classic with five 1.5 jets & still leave carpet extremely dry.

  2. Josh Ryan

    I have been cleaning carpets for eight years. Green glides has been a huge game changer for me not only does it make my job easy it makes it less stressful on my arm and shoulders. I am even more impressed with the brush glides new technology to make it easy for hard surfaces. Thank you for being in the industry for years producing quality products and making it easier for me and my employees. Longevity equals money that should be the slogan of green glides.

  3. Tj lucie

    I’ve been in the industry for 30 years now. I was turned on to green glides a few years ago and I’m hooked. These glides make a hard job easy. The industry has severely damaged my body, but with green glides, there is little to no pain when pushing the wands. I have these back saving glides on all my wands, and the employees are actually be more productive being less tired at the end of the day. I’m 48 now and I still do an average of 5 jobs per day, no problem thanks to green glides. Try pushing a wand without a glide and you’ll understand. Green glides are a life and game changer❤️ Thank you for making my job easier!!
    TJ Lucie

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