Sapphire Scientific 12" Titanium Wand Glide-SS12TI


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The Sapphire Titanium wand comes equipped from the factory with 4 flow, which is great for smaller truckmounts and portables., I highly recommend that you change the jetting to 6 flow for medium sized truckmounts (45-47 blowers) and 8 flow for 48-68 blowers).

Because the wand was designed to not use a Glide the factory jet angles is just a hair too wide once a Glide is installed. I recommend that you swap out to 80 degree jets for less to no overspray. (80015’s for 6 flow and 80020’s for 8 flow, on all four jets)

This wand is VERY lightweight and in my opinion it feels better balanced with a 5′ to 6′ section of 1.5″ vacuum “whip hose” attached. You will need a Reducer Cuff to fit the wand’s 2″ flare one the end, search Amazon or ask you local supplier for a “Hydro-Force AH46 Vinyl Vacuum Hose Reducer Cuff, 1.5″ to 2

I recommend removing the back metal lip from the wand to make 2021 Glides instillation and removal easier


Our  2022 Internal Fit PTFE Glides work wonders with the Sapphire Titanium wands

BOTH metal lips MUST be removed from the wand head in order to fit out Glide as of 9/2022

-All new one inch dowel size lets you get closer to the baseboard

-Far better vacuum performance and MUCH easier to use compared to the OEM glide

-Easy to install!

Hard Surface Brush Glide option available!

2 reviews for Sapphire Scientific 12″ Titanium Wand Glide-SS12TI

  1. My Pro Cleaner

    Great product. Great Service.

  2. Marty Joski

    I’m only using my tile spinner if needed for nasties from here out. The GreenGlide hard surface brush glide is much more enjoyable using a lightweight wand with the brush glide than a tool that locks down, is hard to move and can’t get in tight areas or along the edges as well! Not only is it much easier on the body but also gets places a spinner can’t like tight along edges and behind toilets so no more need to carry other specialty tools! Mikey hit a home run with this one and has me actually wanting to clean hard surfaces now!

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