HydraMaster Evolution 12/13" Wand Glide-EVO13


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Our ROUND profile PTFE Glides vastly outperform the black plastic OEM glides that come with the Evolution wands.

-Far less chatter/flexing of the plastic head with our Slot pattern and NO chatter at all with our Hybrid and Hole patters
-Noticeably improved vacuum performance
-Hard Surface Glide option available!


12/13″ Evo Carpet Glides are now wider than stock so they clean right to the baseboard

We recommend raising your jet manifold mounting brackets to widen the spray pattern to extend to the full width of your new Glide

No more leaving soil and PRESPRAY along your customer’s baseboards!

3 reviews for HydraMaster Evolution 12/13″ Wand Glide-EVO13


    Absolute game changer!!!
    Makes cleaning so much easier and the brush glide is truly brilliant

  2. Danny @ Spots Gone Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

    if I had only known from the beginning 😔 my world would have been just as good as it is Today!! 33 years of this and you just made me fall in love with working all over again!!!! #GreenGlideForTheWin
    I will NEVER own another wand with out one! The Hybrid wins!!!

  3. Mike Thalman

    Great glide, Great price, Quick shipping.

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