Westpak Low Profile 4 Jet Steel 14" Glide-WP14LPN External Fit



Westpak Low Profile 4 Jet Steel 14″ Glide-WP14LPN External Fit

This Glide fits the Westpak/Sapphire 14″ models too!

“WP14LPN & LP3 “Classic” are basically the same wand but with two different metal lip designs.

The old style with protruding lips lips were manufactured before October of 2015. The new style (LP3) has folded lips and  uses an Internal style glide

Please see the photos of the WP14LP3 and the WP14LPN glides above to help you determine which style you have.

If the glide you received does not fit your wand correctly, DO NOT USE the Glide. Please contact GreenGlides toll free technical support at 775 552 5429 or email us @ greenglidesusa@gmail.com

Please return the Glide and we will send the correct version at no cost. Do not return to the retailer where you purchased your glide.



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